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TAAN TV has been fortunate to interview some of the greatest entertainers and comedians that have graced the stages in San Antonio, Texas. We have several excellent hosts that have helped us to launch this long awaited network that brings great stories about African Americans from across the global.  The vision for TAAN TV has… Read More »

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TAAN TV is an internet based television that also can be viewed on your Android phone.  Visit Google Store on your Android, search for TAAN TV and enjoy our programming.  We are just getting started, so once you discover us please make sure you share the information with others. We have an awesome time that… Read More »

Meet the Founder/General Manager

Laura Thompson is the visionary behind TAAN TV (The African American Network.  She became involved with the Internet is 1995, when the Internet was not proven and people still had a few misconceptions about it.  Laura decided then that she wanted to create a portal called the African American Network and that she wanted a… Read More »

  • Cravin Country

    Episode One

  • Carmen Watkins, National VP of Field Operations

    National NAACP Convention in San Antonio, Texas July 14 - 18, 2018

  • Oliver Hill, NAACP President San Antonio Branch

    Getting Ready for the NAACP National Convention July 14 - 18, 2018